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  • (+27) 11 083 5522
  • info@akeela.org.za

About Us

Akeela Foundation is a social impact non-profit organization. We are dedicated to empowering the marginalized communities with Capacity Building, Field research & Feasibilities Studies, Water and Sanitation Hygiene, Education, and Environmental Preservation programs, primarily giving attention to underdeveloped communities.

We mobilize communities to participate fully and be involved in all aspects of the project life cycle. Our key areas of focus; are poverty alleviation, sustainable job creation and tackling the negative impact that climate change has on development. We ensure that civil society has access to basic human needs such as education, food security, and health services.

Akeela Foundation represents a new breed of proactive and creative visionaries within the social development fraternity. Our organization focuses on social impact assessments and development through co-ordinate thematic research across various programs and projects. We collaborate with capacity building and research institutions with an objective to ensure that our services remain relevant, meet the needs and aspirations of our people. We also analyse global trends in order to strengthen our services and keep abreast of Social Development Goals. We have a holistic approach that will ensure that no one is left behind. We are inspired by humanistic vision development based on rights for social inclusion, protection, shared responsibility and accountability.

Coordinate, administer and manage Corporate Social Investment (CSI) investments resources for corporate institutions by undertaking community development projects in partnership with various donors and relevant stakeholders.

Play a strategic developmental role that may require decisions that are not always optimal from a commercial perspective, but contribute to Akeela Foundation’s socio economic developmental imperatives, National Government’s broader objectives and the growth and development in South Africa and Africa.

Our Vision

To become a socio-economic change agent of Society signifying care and quality in eradicating poverty, and improving living standards within communities.

Our Mission

Akeela Foundation serves to advance the quality of life of communities and their surrounds; through partnerships; leading to sustainable provision, management and creating an effective socio-economic development platform that will encourage historically disadvantaged communities to collectively work together towards Sustainable Developmental Goals and Solutions, contributing towards job creation, transfer of skills and poverty eradication.

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Our Values

Akeela Foundation Stands for:

• Caring.
• Transparency & Accountability.
• Development & Empowerment.
• Partnerships
• Quality Assurance.
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    Many of our operations are in underdeveloped and developing economies where poverty, unemployment, illiteracy, environmental degradation and diseases such as HIV/AIDS, TB and COVID-19 are often endemic. Our coordinated thematic research in socio-economic assessment gives us an added advantage to identify and manage the operation’s social and economic effects. The thematic research involves; Profiling surrounding communities, Engaging with local interest groups to identify perceived impacts, Produce management plans, Publication of reports that provide the basis of the on-going relationships within the community, and finally Monitoring, and Evaluation.